Thursday, October 15, 2009

who can answer a slob

******************Awesome isn't it*****************

Just got through life and school
wanting all 'em fancy toys and goods
and having none
but still waiting for that big break
men say i would make

But what if i sit and grow old
and nothing i get a hold?
who would i cry unto
who'd give a care
what if i steal
...then that would make me mean
ok....get a job
..i would be termed a slob
how would a slob have a job
leave that to my friends to judge?

what then can this daughter of man
have and would be called good?

have you wonder what they said before
...go out and ask the dogs :-/
the crocodile might even share a pond
but let us hear a word
you aren't the only one in the world
better still, ask the wind
and wait for it
till thy kingdom come

scurry outta my face
lazy dump

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