Monday, October 26, 2009

Never Let go

******************Awesome isn't it*****************

The intensity of their love is so supreme
passionately withstands all trials may bring
they sought you day and night
with an eyes fixed to your light
you never let them drop
I've seen the way they went higher up
i envy the passion they feel for you
and the way it springs up anew

But me, what am i to you
i stumble when i love you anew
i cant fuel a burning love
am so cold like a pitiless sun
LORD, dont let me go
i know i need you to become whole
my day are empty with prevalent cold
if you don't hold me, i fear the tale untold
help me to overcome my flesh
make your word in me vibrant and fresh
no matter how the world may blow
i never want to let you go

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  1. Nice Piece. Thank God I found this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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